Update 1.6.2

This update brings a new launcher with an improved newsfeed and update support.

Changes include:

  • Updated Survival Mode mission 2
    • Mercenaries will no longer receive Deviators as part of reinforcements
    • Mercenary AI has been tweaked to build units more effectively, will no longer build engineers
    • Mercenary AI has been tweaked to prioritize attack targets more effectively, as well as defend more actively
  • Game launcher has been updated, news feed is now grabbed directly from the news blog
  • Removed several redundant files in game directory
  • Resolved an error where empty error boxes would appear
  • Updated Mission Launcher and Dune2000Config to support more missions and system configurations
  • Fixed an issue where the launcher would not perform new updates

If you have version, you can download the update here.


When I'm not writing installation scripts I'm usually playing video games. I'm a big fan of Dune, Halo and many other games.

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