Survival Mode

Dune 2000: Grunt Mods Edition Survival Mode

A new gametype in development for Dune 2000: Grunt Mods Edition, Survival Mode pits players against all the other houses. Set in a storyline where the players house has lost the battle for Arrakis, the player must make a last stand at the houses main base and hold out as long as possible.




  • Never ending gameplay, there is truly no way to win
  • Created entirely from scratch using D2K+
  • Play as any house on multiple maps
  • Game gets progressively harder as more houses join the battle, with more troops in each wave
  • Create your own maps to be featured in the official game
  • Steep difficulty curve

Survival Mode is currently available as a beta in Dune 2000: GruntMods Edition. In this beta, only the Mercenary house is present on a single map, but more houses and maps will appear in the full release.





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