High Charity Grunt Mod

Created for Halo 2 Vista, this mod allows you to play as a Grunt on the level “High Charity”.

  • Grunts have recharging energy shields, much like Master Chief
  • The player plays as a Grunt
  • Plasma Pistols have been replaced with Fuel Rod Cannons, this not only provides the player with a more powerful staring weapon, but also provides basic enemies with a way to even the odds
  • The Fuel Rod Cannon does not consume ammunition

This mod is best experienced with a third person camera, such as the one provided by Blu Trainer (provided in the mod package).

To install, extract the mod to the inside of your map directory, where it will replace the original High Charity map (you can download the original here).

Download High Charity Grunt Mod (Downloaded Size 121 MB) Downloaded 3,303 times

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