USB XTAF Explorer

A completely original program developed by slasherking823, XTAF Explorer can view, extract and inject files from a usb memory card that has been formatted by the xbox 360. It allows not only safe backup of game files, but also provides the ability to access your 360 data files for modding purposes. It has a built in GruntMods auto-updater to make sure you have the latest version on hand. It is available free to use in any guide or tutorial as well as home use, provided credit is given to the author and GruntMods. Forget buying a data migration kit from Microsoft, or Xport from Datel, XTAF Explorer is all you need to:

  • Play modified game saves
  • Modify local game files for desirable effects
  • Mod Your gamertag
  • Backup your data
  • Get free themes and gamerpics
  • Mod your avatar
  • Boost your gamerscore
  • Install system updates
  • Now with HDD Support!
  • And much,much more!

    Note:  Upon future investigation, it looks like the last update for the Xbox 360 changed the way external drives work significantly, the files are now stored directly on the USB and can be edited by an editing program without the need for a transfer tool like USB XTAF explorer. As such, there will not be any future updates to USB XTAF Explorer since new systems can no longer use it at all. The download page and server will still be maintained for legacy USB backups that need to be modified.

    Thanks for choosing USB XTAF Explorer for all these years.

Download USB XTAF Explorer


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