This update is a minor update to the changes made in the previous update. Changes include:
-Fixes for “Rise of the Mercenaries” expansion:
-Fixed minor typo in campagin briefing
-Minor adjustments to AI resources in m1v1
-Adjusted Tech level so Ordos Palace can no longer be constructed (should be exclusive to House Ordos).
-Adjustments made to strings file in preparation for “Survival Mode”
-Added instruction manual written by Gruntmods Studios, completely written from scratch for this version of the game
-Added preview of the new Custom Campagin Creation Tutorial that will be provided with the finished version of the Rise of the Mercenaries expansion.
-Removed “Menu Editor” and “User Interface Table Editor” folders in D2K+, and added “Table Editor (UIB) folder” since the one tool now works on all UIB files.
-Fixed version number displayed in menu to be accurate

I have included both the regular update and the combined update below. If you have no idea which patch to install, choose the combined patch.
Combined Update (includes all previous patches as well)
Update (includes only new changes)

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