This update is a beta test for the latest update to Dune 2000 Gruntmods Edition. Changes include:
-Fixed text.uib so that the string editor can read it properly
-Fixed Desktop Shortcut
-Removed “version” txt and XML files. Version is now tracked by registry key.
-Added support for playing as subhouses with MVI’s Sub House fix
-Added option to install .net framework 3.5 after main installer has finished, user will be prompted to download the package if they select yes (Windows 8 Users will not receive this option even if it is selected during installation).
-Updated ReadMe File to differentiate between the Westwood ReadMe
-Added option to install updated D2K+ components
-Icons changed for installer and uninstaller
-Updated design of patch program
-Added Launcher
-Will automatically launch the game as administrator
-Shows the installed version of the game and the version available on the server
-Allows you update to the latest version of the game with 1 click
-Displays news related to the game and upcoming releases
-Added the first mission of the expansion “Rise of the Mercenaries”, a thrilling campaign consisting of 3 missions told through the eyes of a mercenary commander.
-Adds new menus to support additional missions, including custom mission briefings and an option to load the campaign from the house select screen.
-Does not replace any existing files, making it 100% compatible with the original game
-String file entries are unique and also do not replace any existing game data
-Added button to select a difficulty when using the Mission Select, this will allow you to play a loaded mission on the difficulty of your choosing (default was Normal)

This is also a test of the new patch system, so if you have an issue with it, please let me know. All feedback is appreciated. More information on Rise of the Mercenaries can be found here.

I have included both the regular patch and the updated combined patch below. In order to ensure that users are installing the most up to date version, I have replaced the previous combined patch with the new one. If you have no idea which patch to install, choose the combined patch.
Combined Patch (includes all previous patches as well)
Patch (includes only new changes)

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