-Added the new D2k+ Campagin Map Editor (Alpha), which allows users to add buildings and units to existing maps
-Added familiar icons for worm spawn, spice bloom, carryall and player start positions to Campagin Map Editor
-Added an Ordos carryall to O4V2, which should help keep player economy high during early-mid game
-Added additional Ordos starting units to O4V2, players now start with 2 siege tanks in their base, along with a small force in front of the smugglers north base
-Added additional Smuggler and Harkonnen starting units to O4V2, starting units guard base locations, which fixes AI behavior and
allows them to defend properly, as well as giving them a dedicated defensive force
-Minor changes to Smuggler and Harkonnen bases in O4V2, northern Smuggler refinery is now completly walled in, small amount of wall
added to bottom of Smuggler western base, Harkonnen barracks replaced with wind trap.
-Changed the Smuggler gun turret outpost into a small Smuggler base in O4V2


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