New Update Coming Soon

It’s been a long time since we last posted an update, so here is some long overdue news on game improvements.

To start, work is being done to integrate the new menu system designed by FunkyFr3sh. Essentially, the new system is run from the launcher, allowing special modes like Survival and mods like Rise of the Mercenaries to be launched directly without having an in game menu. This saves a lot of time and provides a lot of customization options previously unavailable, such as the ability to specify which music is associated with each mission. It also allows us to clean up the game directory of useless menu files and focus on making the mod itself rather then game menus.

Work is also being done on the launcher, allowing players to launch D2K+ directly from the application. New programs are also being added, such as Klofkac’s new Map Editor, which will allow for much easier and smoother map and mission creation.

Finally, Mission 3 of Rise of The Mercenaries is being worked on, but it will be released after the next update to give me time to focus on the other changes. I realize its been a long time since the mission 2 release, so to make it up to you there will be a new Survival map and music track added to the game in the next update. I know you guys have been waiting for a long time and I’m only hoping mission 3 can live up to your expectations.

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