Dune 2000 GruntMods Edition News

We have a lot of new changes to go over! First off, we have optimized the website to load even faster then before, really taking advantage of the speed and power of the new server. Once again, I’d like to thank each of the donors, as their contribution continues to enable us to improve the site and servers.

The second change is the launch of the new CnCNet server from our New York server location. The old server will continue to operate for the time being, it will soon be rebooted and relaunched as the Montreal server to better help distinguish between the two server locations.

The final change is the addition of 3 new cutscene installers. Each installer will enable a new cutscene language to be used with the GruntMods Edition. In addition to English and French, we now offer German, Italian and Spanish. You can download these new installers here, and the next version of the game installer will have the option of downloading these as part of the install process.

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