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Server Maintenance 

The server will be down for routine maintenance starting at 12:00PM EST Friday September 4th. The server is expected to be down for an hour while we perform a migration to new server hardware. The site and related services, such as the CNCNet tunnel will also be affected and will unavailable during this timeframe.

USB XTAF Explorer Reaches End Of Release Cycle

Upon future investigation, it looks like the last update for the Xbox 360 changed the way external drives work significantly, the files are now stored directly on the USB and can be edited by an editing program without the need for a transfer tool like USB XTAF explorer. As such, there will not be any future updates to USB XTAF Explorer since new systems can no longer use it at all. The download page and server will still be maintained for legacy USB backups that need to be modified.

As the one with who discovered the unique behavior of the Xbox formatted drives and asked Slasherking823 to investigate, as well as the one who has been maintaining the program in his absence, Thanks for choosing USB XTAF Explorer for all these years.  I am very proud of what we accomplished and glad to be a part of such a powerful project.

Version 45 Released

Version 45 has been released. This version is a minor update to maintain the program stability and presentation. Changes include:

  • Removed experimental features introduced in version 44
  • Updated support information and other links to point to proper domain
  • Source code is now maintained directly by GruntMods until slasherking823 returns
  • Updated presentation of XTAF today