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Dune 2000 GruntMods Edition 1.6.3

Its been a long time since the last update to the installer, and the previous version had 274922 downloads of downloads! Thats a lot for such an old game.

In order to celebrate the installers success, as well as to address the many community updates that have happened to the game, I have decided to create a new version of the installer that improves upon the previous ones in several ways. Changes include:

  • Added updated Mission Launcher by Feda, allowing players to easily install mods made by the community and play them without menu changes or overwriting base game data
  • Updated the main exe to support changes made by Klofkac that allow a huge amount of new mod features using his latest tool
  • Added new tools from Klofkac to the D2K+ install
  • Added additional installation logs to show what is happening while the installer is running
  • Fixed an issue where the installer would not download the cutscenes
  • Fixed incorrect music playing in Rise of the Mercenaries Mission 1 and 2
  • Fixed the Mission briefings in the launcher and in game for Rise of the Mercenaries Mission 1 and 2
  • Fixed issues with some of the base game missions having leftovers from previous versions of high resolution support, they are now the same as the versions included with the original cd
  • Fixed the non functional updater, updates are checked before running the launcher, and a choice is given to run the update or skip it.
  • Improved Launcher, it has been completly rewritten from scratch. Launcher changes include:
    -No longer requires administrator access to run the game or the launcher
    -Improved viewing of the updates page
    -Includes support for custom missions via Feda’s Mission Launcher
    -Code is more optimized and less buggy
  • Improved the installation speed of the game
  • Improved Cutscene installation, now happens without additional user interaction
  • Improved the size of the installer, it is now 116mb smaller then pervious version
  • Removed several files in the install directory that are no longer usedYou can head over to the download page to download the new version of the installer, in the coming weeks I will be working to try and make it even easier to install community content and expand the game’s potential. If you have any issues with the new version or ideas for how to improve it, please feel free to let me know.