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Dune 2000:Grunt Mods Edition

A version of Dune 2000 that is completely free, offered with support, no cd check, all videos from the game and music, pre-patched to version 1.6.
-Exclusive Levels developed by Grunt Mods Studios.
-Original full motion cut scene videos.
-Windows Vista/7/8/XP compatible.
-Mission Select Menu, complete with difficulty options to allow you full access to the original campagin missions at any time.
-Game launcher to patch the game to the latest version, along with displaying news about the game and taking care of technical issues normally involved with launching the game.
-Includes the exclusive preview of the expansion "Rise of the Mercenaries", where you play as the greedy Mercenary Guild.
-Includes preview version of the Custom Campagin Creation Tutorial written by Gruntmods Studios, allowing you insight on how to create your own gameplay modifications.
-Eligible to play the full versions of "Survival Mode" and "Rise of the Mercenaries"  on release, with full support.
-Complete support of the game, we try to make it work as much as we can.
-Dynamic installation and patching process allows you tight control of the features you want without sacrificing simplicity.
-Includes access to the D2K+ community toolkit out of the box, allowing you to quickly dive into creating custom content
-Option to install High Resolution Patch by D2k Sardaukar and N.Kindt of dune2k.com, pre-patched to 1024x768 or 1920x1080.
-4 new music tracks to keep gameplay feeling fresh
-Custom designed menus, such as the in game "Debug Menu" designed by Gruntmods
Download Dune 2000:GruntMods Edition
Download Mirror (Try the other link first)
Click  here to view the list of updates, please download and install the newest  update if you have just installed the game. As of version, the new game launcher can automatically check for, download and apply patches at the touch of a button.
Dune 2000 :Grunt Mods Edition is available for free download from Grunt Mods and nowhere else.

D2k+ is a toolkit that will allow you to make changes to the game so it can work the way you like it. If you would like information on the D2K+ Toolkit, click here
See news updates relating to the game here

For support, please contact support@gruntmods.com