After a long period of quiet I am pleased to announce the release of update! This is a major update with a large amount of fixes and new features, the most important one being the addition of windowed mode.

Rise of the Mercenaries mission 3 is making good progress and I hope to release it soon. In the mean time, check out the new website for the mod, http://riseofthemercenaries.com/

Full change log:

  • Improved Game Launcher, with added options for launching missions, support for the D2K+ toolkit and Rise Of The Mercenaries
  • Temporarily removed the build queues patch by MVI, it will be added back in a future release
  • Support for windowed display, as well as enhanced compatibility with Windows 8/8.1/10
  • Updated game documentation (latest documentation can always be found at https://gruntmods.com/dune-2000-gruntmods-edition-manual)
  • Improved uninstaller, will now thoroughly check for and terminate running processes related to the game
  • Updated D2K+ to include the new Mission Editor by Klofkac
  • Additional Music “Rise of the Harkonnen (Rock)” by Michael Sobin
  • Improved briefing text for Rise Of The Mercenaries
  • Added ingame briefings for Rise Of The Mercenaries
  • Added default music for each mission in Rise Of The Mercenaries and Survival Mode
  • Merged the multiplayer and single player mission folders to be stored in the original directory location(data\missions)
  • Menus are now properly centered on high resolutions
  • Added second survival mission, this time for House Harkonnen. It can be accessed through the new mission launcher

Note: This update will clear your CnCNet and Dune 2000 configuration files. You will need to run the configuration program again to reconfigure your settings.

If you have version, you can download the update here

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