This update contains numerous updates and bug fixes. Changes include:
-Fixed an issue where an improper string entry was displayed in M1V1
-Fixed an issue where units would not spawn properly in survival mode
-Fixed an issue caused by Siberian Gremlin’s string editor which could cause
crashes in the credit screen and D2K+
-Redesigned mission select and survival mode menus

Survival Mode Beta was heavily modified to increase difficulty based on player feedback:
-Map has less resources for player base, forcing players to work harder to
fortify their base
-Additional wave added at 90 minute mark
-Wave at 80 minutes now includes even more troops for Harkonnen and
Emperor factions
-Harvester and Carryall replacements are cutoff at 80 minutes
-Ordos resources have been enhanced significantly
-Enhanced AI have been implemented for house Ordos, significantly
increasing the rate of troop production (AI provided courtesy of Luminar)

New content was added to the Rise Of The Mercenaries campaign:
-4 new music tracks: New Beginning (originally titled Ben Gess 2), House
Corrino,Mekanikz Tweek and Misuse Of Force (originally titled Misuse).
Credit to DJCID for the first 3 tracks and Kevin MacLeod for Misuse.
-Mission 2 was added. This is the first release of mission 2, and should any
bugs be encountered please report them.

Debug Menu was added to the ingame options:
-Allows you to switch houses ingame, allowing easy AI debuging and testing
-Allows easy way to quit
-Provides a method to switch difficulty during gameplay
-Option to play as sandworm color and change sandworm frequency
in skirmish (requires mission restart)

The update program has also been configured to automatically detect resolution settings.
I have included both the regular update and the updated combined update below. If you have no idea which update to install, choose the combined update.
Combined Update (includes all previous updates as well)
Update (includes only new changes)

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