Download Gruntmods Edition Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve published an update for the GruntMods Edition. This time I decided to tackle three simple problems that have been an issue for awhile:

  • Error messages appearing when the news feed is loaded
  • The built in updater not working
  • Issues with A1V1, A1V2, H1V1, H1V2, O1V1 and O1V2 having most of the events happening outside the playable area

To solve these issues with the launcher, I have updated it to a newer version. The most important change is that it no longer includes an automatic update feature. I made numerous changes to the server infrastructure that broke this feature, and since we don’t make updates to the software often this feature is largely unnecessary.


In regards to the mission specific issues, Cm_blast was kind enough to provide updated mission files to address the issue.


That’s all for this update, I haven’t forgotten about mission 3 of Rise of The Mercenaries but I will need to clear more free time for that to be completed.

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