Q: What is YGOPro? Why do I need to install it?

A: YGOPro is a Yugioh simulator, allowing you to play online with the latest cards available (some before release). Although an installer isn’t required to play, we provide one since its the most intuitive way to get the application working, providing everything you need in one package.


Q: I found a bug! Where can I get it fixed?

A: Visit the developer website at http://www.ygopro.co/. We only provide a download for the installer we create and maintain, the actual program is provided by Percival18 and the YGOPro community.


Q: Where can I get the installer for Mac?

A: The Mac version does not require or benefit from installation, so we do not maintain an install package for Mac. You can acquire the latest Mac disk image at our download page, which can simply be mounted and copied to your applications folder.

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