GruntMods General FAQ

Q: What is GruntMods?

A: GruntMods is an organization for developing software and game mods. Although we started out exclusively offering Xbox 360 content, we have since branched out into PC mods and software development. GruntMods also produces the installers used in Applications such as YGOPro, utilizing the NSIS platform.


Q: Who runs GruntMods?

A; Mostly me, Gruntlord6. I’m the founder and I contribute the majority of the content. We often have other members contribute as well, such as Takeru who helps with with programming and hosting.

Notable former members include slasherking823 and Xerax, who helped work on GruntModder and USB XTAF Explorer.


Q: How do you pay for the site?

A: The server and domain are mostly paid for with Ad Revenue (find out why adblock is bad for site owners), with the remainder coming out of pocket. It’s a fun hobby, and I feel like it’s worthwhile in the long run to maintain this site


Q: I found a problem with a program/mod/the website, where do I report it?

A: The Contact Us page has a nice form where you can fill out a support request for our ticketing software. We try to always answer these requests within 24 hours.

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