Friday Tournament Round 3 Feature Match

Jacob with Bujin VS Hanko with Tellarknights


Both player roll dice to see who can go first, Hanko rolls 16, Jacob rolls 2.

Hanko opts to go first.

Both players wish each other good luck and offer a hand shake.

Hanko draws 5 and summons Satellarknight Deneb, using it’s effect to search for Satellarknight Altair. Hanko sets 4 cards and passes his turn.

Jacob summons Bujin Yamato and attacks over Satellarknight Deneb. He sets 3 backrow and adds Bujin Mikazuchi to hand with Yamato’s effect, sending Bujingi Hare.

On Hanko’s draw phase, Jacob activates Mind Crush, sniping Hanko’s Altair and revealing Bottomless Trap Hole. Hanko activates a set Soul Charge to grab Altair and uses its effect to summon Deneb, which uses its effect to add Altair. Hanko uses MST targeting Jacobs set Bujincarnation. Hanko overlays Deneb and Altair for Number 50: Blackship of Corn and uses its effect to send Yamato. He then passes his turn.

Jacob draws and activates Fire Formation – Tenki, searching out Bujin Hirume. Jacob normal summons Bujingi Crane, then banishes Yamato to special summon Hirume. Hanko doesn’t respond, leaving Jacob free to overlay for Evilswarm Exciton Knight, Hanko tries to us Bottomless but a Forbidden Lance stops it in its tracks. Exciton hits 2 tellnovas and attacks for 0 damage (due to his own effect). Jacob Passes with 1 card in hand.

Hanko draws call of the haunted to complement the Altair in his hand. He summons Altair to grab Deneb which adds Altair, then he XYZ summons Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and takes Exciton as a material with its effect. He then sets Call of The Haunted and ends his turn.

Jacob summons Bujin Mikazuchi, but on his end phase Hanko uses the set Call to grab Altair, which summons Deneb through its effect. Deneb uses its own ability to search Satellarknight Vega.

Hanko XYZ summons Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer, shuffling Mikazuchi back into the deck. He attacks with castel and 101, then in mp2 summons vega for alatir to grab deneb, which added vega to his hand. Hanko comments on how he is in a good spot with three in grave. He decides to XYZ summon Daigusto Emeral and uses its effect to put 3 Altair in deck to draw 1 card, which turns out to be Honest. He sets Wiretap and passes his turn.

Jacob activates Rageki but Honor ARK saves himself by detaching 1 material. Jacob summons Yamato and in the end phase uses its effect to add and send Bujingi Turtle. Jacob now has Hare and Turtle in grave.

Hanko activates Pot Of Duality, revealing Reinforcement of the Army, Altair and Wiretap. Hanko opts to choose Altair and adds it to his hand. Debating on whether he would let Jacob keep a monster, he summons Vega the proceeds to his battle phase and attacks Yamato. Jacob activates hare to save Yamato, then Hanko attacks over it with a Vega, which he boosts with the effect of Honest in damage calculation. Jacob concedes when he draws Kaiser Colosseum as his only card in hand.


Hanko claims an early lead with a game 1 win.


Jacob opts to go first in the second game. He draws 5 and activates Pot of Duality, revealing Hare, Mikazuchi and Kaiser, he picks Kaiser. Jacob activates Kaiser Colosseum and normal summons Yamato, he then sets 1 and proceeds to his end phase. He uses Yamato to add and then send Turtle.

Hanko draws and lets out a deep sigh. He sets 5 cards and passes.

Jacob activates another Duality, revealing Rageki, Tenki and Bujincarnation. he adds Bujincarnation and activates Tenki fro his hand, searching out Mikazuchi from deck. Jacob enters battle phase and Hanko activates Soul Drain. Jacob opts to attack anyway and Hanko activates Dimensional Prison, banishing Yamato.

Hanko draws and passes without performing an action.

Jacob draws and summons Bujingi Quilin and attacks directly.

Hanko draws and sets 1 card, the passes.

Jacob attacks for 1600 with Bujingi Quilin, the normal summons Hare in main phase 2 and proceeds to XYZ Bujintei Susanowo. He detaches Hare to add Hirume to hand. Jacob passes.

Hanko draws 1 and sighs at his 4 set cards. He normal summons Satellarknight Unukalhai, using its effect to send Deneb to the grave. He uses Twister to destroy Kaiser and uses Call of The Haunted to summon Deneb. He searches Vega and gets hit with Jacob’s Flying “C”. Hanko passes, unable to XYZ due to Flying “C”.

Jacob attacks Deneb, in damage step, Hanko activates Honest inflicting 1500. On destruction, Jacob summons Mikazuchi from hand with its own effect. He attacks Unukalhai and discards his own Honest to inflict 2000 damage and destroy it by battle. Main phase 2 Jacob sets 1 backrow and passes.

Hanko draws 1 and flips dimensional fissure. he switches flying c to attack mode, but realizes he cannot attack and destroy it by battle without losing and surrenders. They both laugh “Hashtag locals”.


Game 2 ends unexpectedly with a victory for Jacob.


Hanko decides to go first in game 3. Hanko draws for turn opening with Solemn Warning, Rageki, Deneb, and Vega. He summons Deneb and searches Altair. he sets 3 backrow and passes.

Jacob normal summons Yamato. “Dammit he has the Yamato” Hanko jokes. Jacob activates Kaiser, sets 1 card in his spell/trap zone and proceeds to end phase, discarding Hare and adding Bujingi Crane.

Hanko draws, “No Mind Crush?”. After clarifying that there was no card being activated, he enters his main phase 1 and activates Mystical Space Typhoon on Kaiser. He then activates Reinforcement of the Army to grab Deneb, summons it and adds Altair with the effect. He XYZ summons Blackship of Corn to send Yamato and inflect 1000 damage. He passes afterword.

Jacob banishes Yamato to special summon Hirume and normal summons Quillin. He XYZ summons Susanowo. Hanko activates Warning on it. “I think you have incarnation” “Yup” replies Jacob as he flips it faceup to bring back Yamato and Hirume, banishing Quillin to use its effect to destroy Blackship. He then XYZ summons Bujintei Kagutsuchi and activates its effect sending Kaiser, Rageki, Mirror force, Flying “C” and Prohibition from the top of deck to the graveyard.

Hanko draws and summons Vega to summon Altair which then summons Deneb, searching out Vega. Hanko XYZ summons Silent Honor ARK in defense position and takes Kagutsuchi as a material, knowing Jacob has no Turtle in his graveyard. He attacks direct with Altair. Jacob reveals soul charge. “Dat Soul Charge play!” he exclaims. Jacob grabs Yamato, Hare and Hirume, making Blackship with all but Yamato. He uses the effect to kill Honor ARK and burn for 1000 damage. He then normal summons Crane and makes Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk, which is hit by Hanko’s Compulsory Evacuation Device. Jacob passes.

Hanko flips the Rageki that he has had set since turn 1 and attacks for game with a Vega > Altair combo.


Rageki Seals game 3 and gives Hanko the first feature match of the night!

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