BitTorrent Downloads FAQ

Q: Why offer BitTorrent links? What is the advantage?

A: BitTorrent is a very powerful technology, allowing seamless downloads at fast speeds while preserving file integrity. By using a BitTorrent link, you gain access to a network of download sources, vastly improving connection speeds and reliability over a standard http download. BitTorrent also provides the ability to stop and resume downloads, as well as manage bandwidth on demand.

Q: What if the torrent “dies”?

A: Our BitTorrent downloads use a technology called web seeding. This allows the web server to seed our torrents, ensuring they are always valid as long as the server is online. Even if the server goes offline for whatever reason, the torrent will remain online as long as it has enough peers to seed it.

Q: How do I download a file using BitTorrent?

A: First off, you need a program to let you do so, we recommend BitTorrent mainline. They also happen to have an excellent guide to get you started on their website.

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